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TAKE AWAY YOUR ROSY LIPS, Ford, Tennessee Ernie. JUST A SHADE CORN; for orchestra, m Abe Maule, arr. WHEN THE MOURNING DOVE IS MOURNING IN THE EVENING. Allen Toussalnt, Edward Scott k Coslmo Matassa. CAN NEVER WBAR YOUR NAME; w ft m Devle Etta Geary. Is on ua once again. Gay Jo Publishers, Inc. LA BAS AU BRESIL. VOUS AIMEREZ LA FRANCE. BETTY; m Mark Grain. SEE Grlce, Orroond Drew. SEE ALSO Nobach, Nils. Von Paul Kadosa, op. LISTEN TO THE LAMBS. SEE Make with the shake. WE MARRIED TOO YOUNG. LL TAKE CARE OF YOU. FUR ZWEI GROSCHEN MUSIK. SHE WAS NY BABY. FOURTH OF JULY PAHADF. Earl Barton Nuslo Inc. Thau, in Lew Tobin. THOUSArro DROPS OF RAIN. AS YOU WENT AWAY. DO YOU WANT TO DANCE. GIRL WITH FLAXEN HAIR. WHEN I LOVED YOU. NOONTIDE IN THE NBADOV; unison song for all voices with piano ace, m Ivy Prances Klein, poem by Richard Jefferies. Ve got my haunted by lew brown music for death notices. LYING TONGUB; w ft m Oracle Cook. DRITTES WAHLHEFT DRR DBUTSCHEN VOLKSLIEDERSPENDE; veranstaltet von Erich Fischer. JUST A SANDY HAIRED BOY CALLED SANDY; w Dick Ahlert, ra Joe Leahy. Chairpersons will document and report these exceptions to the academic dean. THBKB AND VARIATIONS; for percuaslon quartet, m William Kraft. ROCK AID ROLL; V Mrs. LAST NIGHT; w Arnold Hester, ra Lott West. STEP OUT OF THAT DREAM. AMONG THE RUINS OF ROME. VAMOS AL CIELO, Levy, Norma Baker. TWO BLUE EYES, ONE LITTLE GREEN ISLE. VE GOV A DATE AT EIGHT TONIGHT. Church, they moved to Litchfield County. GEORGE; w Stanley Campbell, m Larry Allen. HOW ARE YOU FIXED FOR LOVE? PAIR WINDS AND FULL SAILS. EASY METHOD FOR CLARINET. MY HEART AT THY SWEET VOICE. ROLL OUT THE RHYTHM, AND ROCK.

MY BABY LOVES TO ROCK AND ROLL; w ft m Del Reeves. IN HEAVEN TONIGHT; w Oderlee Breedlove, m k arr. PRETTY HULA BABY; w Tony Todaro, m George Piltz. Snow, m Prankle Carl, pseud, of Francis Carlone. LOVE SONG IN OUR HEARTS. JUNOLE SAFARI; m k arr. THIEF IN THE NIGHT. OK, where are we? CALVARY COVERS IT ALL. MARCH TO THE BLUES. Allen k Bob Carroll. LL ONLY GIVE MY LOVE. WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW. STC THROUGH THE YEAR. GIVE YOU THE RIGHT. Beat the other team! RIDE EASY, YOUNG COWBOY. NEVER DO ANYTHING RIGHT. TALK WITH THE DEVIL. Latin text, m Igor Strawinsky. SUMMER SONG; a story of the new world by Hy Kraft k Eric Maschwltz, lyrics by Eric Maschwltz, m Anton Dvorak, arr. SATB, a cappella, translation by Donald Sutherland, m Heinrich Schfltz. TELLDW THE WORLD ABOUT YOU; from The golden calf, w Cliff Prlend, m Jlmmle Monaco. TWILIGHT OP LOVE; for female voices, w William Shakespeare, m William Lovelock. CHARITY RAG, FUNKY SHEPARDS. RING AROUND THE MOON. FAR FROM HOME; w ft m Alfred Jacob Kunnas. BAA, BAA, BAA, BAA, BAA, BAA BLACK SHEEP. ANNE; w ft m Dick Johnston ft Norman Spunt. Lillian Wingate, m Roy Nelson. Silva, Robert Pet or. GRADUATION RINO; M, m k arr. HOT CAR; from Hot car girl, m Cal TJader. Cab et Guy Lafarge, nuslque de Guy Lafarge. FCIr grosses Orchester, von Richard Strauss. BIGHT; w ft m Jack Hammer. Hermann Schneider NLislkverlag KO. SEE Corley, Ruth Delores. Industrla k Comercio, Ltda. PARA TI ES MI CHA CHA CHA.

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BOLERO; Altspanischer Volkstanz, m Pemando Sor, hrsg. CHINESE LOVE SONG; piano, by Dlmltrl Tlomkln. DIRTY BUCK ROCK; w ft m Robert Lee Griffiths, arr. LOST LOVB; w Mary Bllen Jones, m Gene Brooks. SEE ALSO Browne, Alvan. ACACIA TREES; m arr. BECAUSE I HAVE YOU. SEE ALSO Puller, Dee. Vance k Lee Pockriss. YOU HAVE TC GO. RUMANIA I; m ac arr. NBL BUS, DIPINTO DI BUD. BANUA; w ft m arr. DISH; m Marty Palch. LEIALOHA, LEI OF LOVE. Ivery, m Lew Tobln. Barbour k Charles Hess. SEE Chudak lis tones. GODDESS OF LOVE; w ft m Dewey Bergman ft Nlto San Mltniel. Chairpersons shall select a text for sections with no assigned instructors when no default has been identified. JACKIE BROWN; m k lyrics by Sanmie Handy. TANCUJU; polka, m Jaromlr Vejvoda, klavlrnf dprava Josef Mellan. FUr Chor In belleblger Besetzung, Komponlst iind Herausgeber: Frits Schlerl. LL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY. SEE Sel canzoni napoletane da camera. WITH MY ANXIOUS HEART. SERENATA; for orchestra, m Walter Piston. Shapiro, Bernstein le Co. VOUS AIMEHEZ LA PRANCE. Eugene Tlel, pseud, of Eugene Coen. BLUEBIRDS OVER THE MOUNTAIN. WILL YOU FIND SOMEONE NEW. PRAYER; w Orover Crane, a Oene Brooks. LIEBE, NACH DIR VERLANGT MEIN GANZES LEBEN. SANTA CLAUS IS GIFTING OLD. Colin Kelly k Blake Hlggs. MAKE WAY FOR THE RANGERS. AM IN LOVE WITH A LITTLE GIRL. TEN TUNES FOR TEN FINGERS.


THINK OP YOU; w Roger Hanson, m Irene Murray. SOMETHING GOOD; a musical comedy, by Paul Hunter. On themes of Jacques Offenbach, piano solo, arr. Bach, Jean Sebastien; Bach, Johann Sebastian. WELL, OH WELL; w ft m George Gillls ft Oene Bui lard. MINUET ON THE ROCKS. ZEVmi DAGEN IN DE WEEK. LIGOT IN MY WAY. LEO EN LA HABANA. COME BACK AGAIN; w Mrs. YOU WORRY MY LITTLE PET. WHO ARE WE TO SAY. YES I WANT YOU. SINPONIA IN TRE TEMPI. SEE ALSO Parisi, Tony. SWEET LAY, SO COOL. ALONE, LOST AND LONELY. Amezcua, m Larry Allen. Neill, m ft arr. LEARNING MORE EACH DAY. SAFARI; m Rubank, Inc. Alfred Langniok k Co. UP; m Tommy Flanagan. CITY OP THE ANGELS. IN C MAJOR; op. Joseph John Oetzel, Jr. AD ON, GLORIOUS CAPTAIN. Henry Holt ft Co. IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS. MAXEEN; m Hal Schaefer. SYMPHONY OP THE SEINE. WISE MAN AND THE FOOL. TOWN OF NEVER WORRY. LIKE I YOU LIKE. ROSES PROM THE SOUTH; m Johann Strauss, piano duet or plamo duo, a June Weybrlght arr, NM: arr. SEE Harral, Murray; Hart, TTiomas; Stodghlll, James; Wilkes, Frank. Recommendation: Approve the proposed Academic Calendar for the and academic years. OH, MY DEAREST DARLING; w James Is sac Tucker, m Gene Brooks. Mixed volcea, m Edwin Plsalnger. THE WORK OP MY HANDS; w Pred Llghtner, m George Goehrlng. GOING ON A DATE. MAKE ROOM IN YOUR HEART FOR A MEMORY. LOVE TO SAY, I LOVE YOU. DUINEN ZIJN STILLE GETUIGEN. Coyer, Eileen, OFFERING OP LOVE. Boosey ft Hawkes, Inc. GOLDEN HARPS ARE SOUNDING. PRETTY, PRBTTY; w ft m Randy Sparks. CLEAN UP THE BASEMENT CHA CHA CHA. TORBIDDEN ISLAND; m Martin Denny. SWEET PEACE; with w, arr. LINDO TIEMPO AQUEL DE AYER. NO OTHER MOOD; m Alfred Petrone. NIGHTMARES; by Francis Gi? HIndel, edited by Oswald Jonas.

TOO MUCH; w ft m Oscar Drummlngs ft Ada Drummlngs. TAKE A LITTLE TIP PROM ME; w Arnold New, m Lew Lewis. PRBTTY LITTIZ GIRL; w Alva Foster, m Larry Allen. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN. Barksdale, b Oene Brooks. WHEN I SMOKE MY CIGARETTE. The problems for the Kriegsmarine dated to well before the war. NUa TANGO; m Constantln Bals. DUDA; paso doble, letra y muslca de Julio Nlstal y Andres Gavottl. Text: Bruno Balz, Muslk: Michael Jary, pseud, of Max Jarczyk. DMAP as an organo catalyst. THE MAN FOR YOU. Andree, with ukulele arr. SEE ALSO Wjntcrnjtz, Chanan. BELLS IN THE STEEPLE. Long, Jack R, MY PAL OF YESTERDAY. STAND BBSUS MB, MY BBLOVBD; w, m ft arr. IN IT; w ft m Clarence Williams, new arr. Roguel Davis k Berry Gordy, Jr. COMMERCIAL THEME, SONGS OF THE MUSIC MAN. Lawrence Elow, m Raymond Scott. WISH YOU HAPPINESS SINCERE. NO HAY TIERRA COMO LA MIA. SEVEN SONGS FOR SEVEN DAYS. MANNER BRAUCHEN WAHRB FRBUNDB!

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Play Slideshow Comentarios Internet Archive headquarters building fa├žade. MAGIC ROSE; w Prank Wade Williams, m Fred Holmes. INVITATION TO A WEDDING. HOLY GOD OP ALL LIFE. ALMOST INSTANTLY; w km Anita Sharpe. Many submarines at the time carried a single float plane used to search for targets or collect battle damage assessments. ARROW HEAD; piano, m Leroy Shield. Nobuo Fujita, had proposed that these planes could be used in an offensive capacity. BUNDLE OP OLD LOVE LETTERS. JUST A KISS TO TREASURE; w George Waggner, m Edward Ward. SUN IS SHINING MY WAY. SEE Beatty, Elva Mary. LOUIS TIMES MILITARY MARCH; m Abe Holzmann. Jewell Weaver, m Lew Tobic. ETUDE IN SWING; foxtrot, n Abraham Diamant. Gregorian Institute of ABsriea, Inc. MEET ME AT THE CANDY STORE. JEE Puur duets for piano. SEE Aber Nachts in der Bar. SEE ALSO Kluger, Jacques. IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE WITH ME. MET HER ON THE BOULEVARD. JUST LIKE A FALLING STAR. WHERE THE BLUE BELL GROWS.
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Richard Caputo, Samuel La Gallo k Ernesto Florio. Clcclo Daldone k Glato, pseud, of Amaldc Plurl. ELEGY; m Tlbor Serly. ART OF PLAYING HOHNER CHROMATIC HARMONICAS AND NOTATION CHART FOR HOHNER CHROMATIC HARMONICAS. IMMACULATE LADY; w ft m Irving James Padula. CHRIST WENT UP INTO THE HILLS; by Richard Hageoan, w Katherlne Adams, arr. Exhale and release, bending your knees and allowing your torso to fall forward so that your hands rest on the floor. LOCK FAMILIAR TO YOU; w Raymond Klages k Jack Mesklll, m Vincent Rose, arr. MASS IN HONOR OF OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY. Norman, Raymond Oliver, THAT DAY. SEE Zwei Etueden fuer Orchester. Spanish ft Bngllah w, m ft arr. VICTORY MARCH OF THE ELEPHANTS. Marc Mittendorf k Dee De Costa. Mary Louise Phillips, a Gene Brooks. SONG OP THE MOUNTAIN COUNTRY; w k arr. COUNTER MEASURES; m Lyndol Mitchell. COMO TE ATREVES; w ft m Frank Domlnguez. HOW CAN I WANT WHEN HE IS NIGH. LITTLE BUTTERFLY OP THE BOULEVARD. Sanderbeck, m Carlo Rossini. Paul Mattel k Albert Lasry. HOLD MY HAND AND LEAD ME ON. Trautman ft Warner Trautman, arr.
Latin America Post Office Paul Francis Vebstei, m Twentieth Century Music Corp. AOE HEART; v Randall Brook shire, m Joyce Brocl. EE The Seniors, pseud. Lie back on a flat bench, holding the barbell above your chest with an overhand grip, arms straight. DOING THE IVY LEAGUE. Dan Hornsby, pianoforte score by Ted Eastwood, ukulele arr. SEE Tus ojitos negros. Jter, strygere og rytmeorkester, m Erling Brene, Denmark. SEE Siete vttriaclonea, diferenciaa, aobre Guardame las vacaa. GRACIEUSE INFANTE; de Rene Rabe Qiatre pieces pour piano, no. RING, OUT, BELLS OF BETHLEHEM. THE OOD OF ABRAHAM PRAISE; w Olivers, m arr. MALE CHORUS; melody by Karl Ha Jos. SIT DOWN AND ROCK A BIT. Cooper Sales Services, Inc. AFTEJULOW; m Marty Baldwin k Eddie Baxter. WRITE ME SOON IN CARE OF THE MOON. GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT AWAY. GAS MONEY GOTTA GET A DATE. Harold Flaaner ohoral series, no. Mascara ft Louis Sidney Haywood. FEL SILVER SLIPPER POLKA. LITTLE SWEDISH BOY FROM MINNESOTA. SEE Nine calls to worship.