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His potential justifies all of our failingsand imperfections. The sheriff, Heck Tate, was then called and an arrest was made. The first three points about the rape laws lend themselves toexonerating Mayella. He isa human being, no more or less flawed than anyone else in a final analysis. The rabid dog atticus and ewell to mayella.

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  • And most white people in the South were good people.
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Scout offers that she must be lonelier than Boo Radley. Tomdepicted it, be more likely to cause Bob Ewell to be enraged at the intruder? Does the father also abuse the mother, who is briefly seen in the secondstanza? Thus began our longest journey together.

In other words, if the identity charts students have created for themselves represent their identities today, what are the most important events in their lives that shaped those identities?

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  • My neighbors used to laugh because those Elliots were such poor people.

  • Could I ask you a question or two?

  • That film was a work of art.

  • Tate walks to the stand.

  • What was that theme?

  • This was true even of rabid segregationists.

  • Atticus will be waiting for us.

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  • Put your hand on the Bible, please.

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  • Avery, which the neighbors also recognize.

  • In the years since, he has become a role model for the legal profession.


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  • The physical evidence of where she was hit and how she was choked exonerated Mr.

  • In general, women at that time had very limited options for paid work outside the home, due in part to pervasive genderbased employment discrimination against hiring women for most positions.

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Through Boo and their quest to understand him and whyhe stays shut up inside, the children come to understand more of their own society, the society that created Boo by ignoring the abuse to which his father subjected him.

Post: Taking a Stand anchor chart; learning targets.
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We assessed students on their contributions during the prep class, their accurate use of facts and evidence from the novel, correct demonstration of their role in the trial, and on their understanding of criminal versus civil proceedings.

It was considered They were rich people.

Scout she must learn how to act, thatshe has a place in society: womanhood with its stifling position of prim behavior and wagging tongues is theessence of southern decorum.

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Free Resources Measurement As Scout watches his lonelyprogression, she feels the hand of Reverend Sykes, the pastor of the black church, on her shoulder.
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Scout, Jem, and Dill have been watching in their owndark corner, but the crowd bothers Scout and so she bursts from her hiding spot.
News Articles Health Tips It needs to situate the reader in a locale that offers our first insight into an understanding of the events of the rest of the novel.
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