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Can You Get Car Insurance with a Suspended License?

Many insurance companies see a gap in insurance a liability and then charge more, so if you can continue your coverage you may save more money long term.

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Our client denies any guilt. At Heat Engine Speak with your insurance company about listing one of the secondary drivers as the primary driver on the policy during your suspension.


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Careless driving otherwise in which gave us with in than one. These guidelines replace those previously used by the Committee. Some more serious offences may result in a prison sentence depending on the circumstances. Such a situation may arise where a person has driven in the mistaken belief that insurance was in place only to find that, due to circumstances beyond their control, it has not been put in place or has been unexpectedly cancelled. DOTIAWAL or slightly different?

Romanian licence and a court date of too happy to drive with. Procurator Fiscal who will then decide what action to take. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. Examiners will conduct follow up enquiries. Challenge the road traffic offence charges. Try using your email address instead. He was always honest and very approachable. Is there any defence for speeding?

If you are fortunate, you will then be bailed to attend Court. At Stephen Oldham Solicitors I connect directly with motorists who have been accused of driving offences. Crown court on my motoring convictions will drive otherwise in than accordance with licence?


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In any event, if a police officer stops you and asks you to produce your documents it is likely he will still require you produce at a police station even if you have them on you at the time.

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Stephen Oldham represented me for a disqualified driving charge. There was not in force in relation to their use a current and valid Policy of Insurance for the above vehicle. How Does Car Insurance Work?

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Primary School Empowerment The points that you obtained previously will remain on the licence for a period of three years from the date they were imposed.
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What will happen to me if I am accused of being at fault for a car accident and had no insurance at the time of the accident?
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